Ruby Helps cares about you.

Ruby is your helpful, reliable assistant who takes care of the things that take up your valuable personal time. Friendly, trustworthy and effective - Ruby Helps takes care of the everyday tasks and gives you back the time for the people and things that you love.

House tidying - Ruby Helps gives you more leisure time.

We take care of your house or apartment. We learn exactly how you want things organized, so you can come home and relax straight away.

Grocery shopping - Enjoy fresh, healthy food all the time with Ruby Helps.

Avoid supermarket queues and frustration. Everything you need is already unpacked in your kitchen when you're ready to cook. Do you want your dinner to be already prepared or fresh fruit and vegetables for a healthy smoothie ready? Support your health and nutritional goals with Ruby Helps.

Laundry. Pickup and delivery of dry cleaning. - Your favourite shirt is clean and hanging in the closet.

Ruby Helps manages your laundry, dry cleaning and tailoring needs. Your freshly cleaned clothes in your wardrobe, hanging or folded and sorted, just how you like it.

Babysitting - Balance work and family.

Need a babysitter for a few afternoons or want some extra kid-free time to enjoy with your friends or partner? Kids need to be taken to after school activities or sport? Ruby Helps supports your family and your children.

Pet minding - Time and care for your four-legged friends.

Do you want to give your animals more one on one time or some extra exercise? Ruby Helps takes care of your furry companions and gives them the extra attention they need. Ruby Helps takes care of your loved ones.

Letters and post office - Picking up and sending packages and mail saves you time and stress.

Ruby Helps helps with sorting and processing your mail how you like, and can handle returns and parcel delivery so that your mailbox is up-to-date. Avoid the frustrating queues and missed deliveries. Ruby Helps takes care of your mail and packages.

Cleaning - We clean and maintain your appartment.

Already have a cleaning service and want to keep it? No problem, Ruby Helps can pick up where your cleaner stops. We can also integrate with them so you can keep track of all of your expenses.

Individual offers - Ruby Helps cares about you.

Organizing a kids birthday party and need support? Moved in 3 months ago and pictures still not hanging on the walls? Need to buy gifts for loved ones and have no time? Need tradesmen, but don't have the time for research or supervision? Let Ruby handle it. Ruby Helps takes care of you and gives you the time for the people and things in life that you love.

Book Ruby Helps today.

Book your personal assistant today. Make a list of the services you need. Let's catch up for a coffee or tea and discuss how Ruby Helps can assist you in your everyday life by handling the small things that take up your valuable time. So you can get back to enjoying the life you deserve.