With a Ruby Helps personal assistant you get time for the things you love.

You know the thoughts? If I could buy time, then I would ...

Spending time with my partner. Do something with our children. Useing the time to practice sports again. Going out for a dinner with friends. Eating healthier. Reading a book.

Ruby Helps gives back your time.

Are you organizing all the time? Your task lists become bigger instead of smaller? Your work-life is out of balance? Time as a family is getting scarcer? Do you have professional challenges for which you need full concentration? You just need more time?

Your advantages at a glance.

Ruby Helps supports you.

We proactively take care of tasks before they become a chore for you. With our modern customer relationship approach, we will get to know you and your needs and constantly improve.

Easy. Reliable. Insured.

You can book us easily, without long-term contract. Should your you need a break due to travle, you can pause. You decide if and when you hand over your key to Ruby Helps. Ruby Helps has a public liability insurance.

Our Ruby employees.

Our personal assistants have gone through an extensive selection process, have an excellent certificate of good conduct and are experienced. You can rate your service. Through a regular feedback, we will continuesly be able to adapt to your needs.

Everything from one partner.

Do you already have several service providers with whom you work together? The coordination work itself becomes too complex? Ruby Helps is your contact for all services around your everyday life and helps you directly or with cooperation partners. Ruby Helps gives you your time back for the people and things you love.

20% tax deductible.

Ruby Helps will provide you with invoices so that you can deduct 20% of the budget-related service according to § 35a income tax law (EStG). A tax deduction is foreseen in the Income Tax Law for household-related services in private households. Within the scope of your tax declaration, 20% of the expenses for household-related services, but a maximum of 4,000 euros per calendar year can be deducted from the income tax.


Book Ruby Helps today.

Book your Ruby. Compile the services you need. In a personal first meeting, we will discuss with you how Ruby Helps helps you in your everyday life. So you can get back the time to enjoy your life you derserve.